Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cross Country

Warm up with Mr V
Here we are ready to go
Running up the hill! 

Yesterday we ran Cross Country!  The day was cold and sunny.  We started with a warm up with Mr Valentine - jogging, jumping jacks and lunging.  It was then time to start!   Some of us were nervous and excited, Bella called this "nerve-cited"!  The horn sounded and we started to run - it was squishy, muddy, sloshy, smelly with lots of holes (from the cattle).  We even jumped onto and over a hay bale. It was crazy fun - sneakers came off in the mud and our legs got really dirty.  Coming into the finish, there was a downhill with lots of corners, everyone was shouting "go, you can do it"!   It was great to finish - we felt tired, happy, proud and some of us felt like we wanted to do it again!  By Marc, Bella & Callum

Golfing Fun

Yesterday we went to golf!  Did you know we had to hit the ball into some targets? We had to hold a golf club with two hands, keep our eyes on the target and the ball, then  hit it was time to hit the ball!! When we got to hole number 7,  it was hard because you had to hit the ball for a long distance.  There were 8 holes in total, golf was tricky but it was fun!!!!!  By Isabelle & Charlotte
Izzy hitting the ball! 

Charlotte keeping her eyes on the ball and the target! 

Austin swinging to the target! 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Aspiring Hockey Coaches

On Thursday some of the Year 3 kids in Room 9 did hockey with Nitin from Hockey Manawatu.  Georgina and Millie were hockey coaches and helped show the kids what to do - how to hold the hockey stick and how to hit the ball!  The number one rule is to keep your hockey stick down!  We loved being hockey coaches, it was fun! By Georgina and Millie.

Aspiring Hockey Coaches

                       We are hockey coaches!
            This means we have to teach little kids how to play hockey.
                      First we are going to tell you how to hold a hockey stick.
                  Holding the hockey stick is the same if you are right or left handed - the left hand on top and right on the botton of the grip.
                      The number one rule of playing hockey is keep your hockey stick on the ground!
                        We love coaching kids but it is hard!
               By Helen and Zoe

X Country Training the Kiwi Iwi Way!

Here in Kiwi Iwi we did our first strength warm up, we helped each other to get up the 
tree then we played.
Then the teacher said its time to walk cross country.
Once we did the walking we did some skipping around the school field. Then we jogged, but most of all we did it!
By Reuben and KIRA:)

The Net and the Ball

Finally we can play our neatball game! We have six people in our team and five on the court at one time. There is one center player, two defence and two attack. Each goal is one point. Netball is a fun game but it gan get sweaty at times and tiring.

By Thomas and Dylan

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Best first hockey game!!!!!!!

Image result for field hockey stick clipartThere you are!  On Saturday we played our first winter hockey game.  There were eight people in our team and there were four players on the field at a time. We  played next to the hockey turf.  We had to wear black shorts, shin pads, a mouth guard also sprig boots. We won both games. Horray!!!!!

By Millie and Lara.

Our First Basketball Game

Our first basket ball game was amazing.  We got so exhausted that we were puffing by the time we got out of the stadium!!!!!!!! Do you know you get two points when you scrore a basket in basket ball??  You wear a bib and they are certain colours.  WE GO FOR GOLD!!!!!!!!! 
By Negar &

Self Portraits

In Kiwi Iwi /room 9 we decided to do self portraits./ We first started off by getting a piece of large paper and using glue and gluing on little scraps of news paper.  After we glued on the news paper we then outlined ourselves.  Then we painted our skin colour and we drew on our face and accessories.  Then we told the teacher what our hobby was.  It was a master piece of art, it doesn't matter if it looks weird!

by: Bella and Daisy

Getting Ready for the School XCountry

In the xcountry we do lots of running but first you have to practice it!
We usually run around the field 4 or 5 times, it is really exhausting.
But even before that we do drills on the quad  eg. high knees, skipping, loopy arms and jogging (gives away the energy)!  Now we are ready for cross country. 

By Elias and Isaiah
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