Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cross Country

Warm up with Mr V
Here we are ready to go
Running up the hill! 

Yesterday we ran Cross Country!  The day was cold and sunny.  We started with a warm up with Mr Valentine - jogging, jumping jacks and lunging.  It was then time to start!   Some of us were nervous and excited, Bella called this "nerve-cited"!  The horn sounded and we started to run - it was squishy, muddy, sloshy, smelly with lots of holes (from the cattle).  We even jumped onto and over a hay bale. It was crazy fun - sneakers came off in the mud and our legs got really dirty.  Coming into the finish, there was a downhill with lots of corners, everyone was shouting "go, you can do it"!   It was great to finish - we felt tired, happy, proud and some of us felt like we wanted to do it again!  By Marc, Bella & Callum


  1. Awesome to read of your Cross Country adventure, fantastic photos!

  2. Hello class in two days I am back in new Zealand very excited